Our Works

Here’s a sampling of some of the previous projects produced by 7 Hills. We can make your video look similar to any of these, or maybe you’d like yours to be nothing like we’ve ever made before.


We’re a team. We’re a close-knit group of talented and hardworking individuals. We have worked in the TV and film industry and we’re experienced in the art of visual storytelling and advertising.

We’re messengers. We’ll take your product and your message and present them clearly and effectively to your target audience. If your business has the desire to say something about itself, we’ll be its charismatic spokesman.

We’re your partner. You may have questions and we’ll have the answers. Nothing will be left in mystery. This is the main reason why our clients are loyal to us. Clarity and cooperation is the name of the game we play.

Major brands such as Porsche, Google, TOMS, Dior trust us to help them deliver video productions.

What We do?

We know you’re committed to success and we’re ready to live up to your standards. We’ll team up with you and pursue your goals using the power of image and sound to unleash your untapped potential.

We determine what your audience wants to see and what they’re missing out on. Once you tell us what makes your brand and/or business tick, we’ll create a powerful audio/visual weapon to boost your sales.

We’re capable of producing videos that contain clickable content that viewers can interact with while the video is playing. This back-and-forth between viewer and information will allow your customers to know more about you and what your business can offer them.

Any kind of video for any kind of business:
Promotional Videos
Instructional Videos
Product Videos
Brand Videos
Fundraising Videos
Music Videos
YouTube Videos
Cooking Videos
Fitness Videos

How it Works

We’ll walk you through every step of the process. We’ll push every button and turn every knob; we’ll do everything and anything to get your video to be exactly what you envisioned it to be. So let’s get this this going, shall we?

Email us

Introduce yourself and try to address these key questions in detail: what kind of video are you looking to make? What’s the nature of your product/service, what’s your target demographic, and what’s your overall message? Also, how much are you willing to spend? Click send then...

Wait for our reply

You’ll hear from us very soon. We’ll share our ideas with you based on the key information you provided. Once we settle on a grand concept, we’ll...

Plan, plan, plan

We’ll devise a plan of attack! We’ll construct a blueprint that explains the thinking behind our concept/video, a polished script that lays out the details, and an outline of the resources we’ll need to pull it off. And of course, we’ll also need your approval before we dive into...


We’ll use high-end video/sound equipment and employ a professional crew to get the job done. Making promotional videos is far from making a movie, so our mission is to produce your video in the most cost-effective manner. We come to the film set fully prepared, double-check / triple-check the day’s tasks, and we’re trained to tackle any unforeseeable hang-ups. So sit back and relax as we get down to the knitty-gritty work. Once we obtain the needed footage, we head into...


The real magic starts in the editing phase. This is where we choose the best shots/takes, color grade, sync up the sound (including royalty-free music), and add graphics, text, or special effects to your video. Our in-house editors usually deliver the first cut of a project in a week. And lastly, we finish things off with the...

Final touches and Payment

After you view the first cut of your video, we welcome you to send us notes and we’ll make any changes you desire. Then we’ll send a second cut that addresses your concerns. Once you confirm the final cut, we’ll send you the video file and you make the previously agreed-to payment.

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